Heal Your Inner Child Through Rebirthing Breathwork

March 25, 2024

Healing the inner child through Rebirthing Breathwork is a therapeutic approach that aims to create a safe space for individuals to reconnect with and nurture their inner child, allowing them to process and release suppressed emotions, heal old wounds, and reprogram negative thought patterns. Through this process, individuals can develop greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and inner strength.

Here are some key points about this process:

1. Inner Child Work: The concept of the “inner child” refers to the emotional, psychological, and developmental stages of our childhood selves that continue to influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into adulthood. Inner child work involves reconnecting with and nurturing these wounded aspects of ourselves.

2. Rebirthing Breathwork: Rebirthing breathwork, also known as conscious connected breathing or holotropic breathwork, is a technique that involves breathing in a circular, connected pattern without pauses between inhalation and exhalation. This deep, rhythmic breathing is believed to induce a state of relaxation and altered consciousness, allowing access to suppressed memories and emotions.

3. Trauma Release: Proponents of rebirthing breathwork believe that traumatic experiences from childhood, such as neglect, abuse, or emotional wounds, can become lodged in the body as muscular tension and emotional blockages. By engaging in deep breathing, individuals may access these suppressed memories and emotions, allowing for their release and integration.

4. Emotional Catharsis: Rebirthing breathwork sessions often involve intense emotional experiences, including cathartic release, crying, laughter, or even physical sensations such as tingling or trembling. These experiences are seen as opportunities for healing and transformation, allowing individuals to process and release pent-up emotions stored in the body.

5. Integration and Healing: Through consistent practice, individuals engaging in rebirthing breathwork may experience a greater sense of self-awareness, emotional resilience, and inner peace. By acknowledging and nurturing their inner child, they can begin to heal old wounds, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and cultivate a more compassionate relationship with themselves.

6. Professional Guidance: It’s important to note that rebirthing breathwork can be intense and emotionally challenging, and it’s recommended to undertake it under the guidance of a trained facilitator who can provide a safe and supportive environment for the process.

Edward Matthews, a Rebirthing Breathwork instructor based in Koh Phangan (Thailand), received training in Rebirthing Breathwork from Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing, in 2013. With 9.5 years of experience in Breathwork, Edward founded his own Rebirthing Breathwork drop-in group in Koh Phangan 8 years ago.

He also offers a variety of guided sessions at the Inner Space Academy, carefully tailored for rebirthing breathwork, along with special alternatives aimed at utilizing the transformative power of breath to connect with your inner child, heal your chakras, and enhance your sexual experiences.

(!) It’s important to note: While rebirthing breathwork can be a powerful tool for healing, it may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain medical or psychological conditions. Additionally, the effectiveness of this approach can vary depending on the individual’s readiness and willingness to engage in the process. As with any form of therapy or healing modality, it’s essential for individuals to approach the process with openness, patience, and self-care.

This course is a great place to start if you want to explore the power of your breath and tap into the depths of your unconscious mind.

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