The “wai” gesture serves as a powerful and multifaceted symbol in Thai culture, embodying notions of respect, gratitude, social harmony, and cultural identity. Understanding its meaning and proper usage is essential for navigating social interactions and showing respect within Thai society. Respect and Hierarchy: The wai is a fundamental expression… Read more

Proper execution of the “wai” gesture involves not only the positioning of the hands but also the placement of the hands in relation to the body, which varies depending on the social context and the status of the individuals involved. Wai for Peers or Younger Individuals: When wai-ing someone of… Read more

In this brief excerpt from the online course “Face Yoga for Profound Tension Release,” Nadiia demonstrates an exercise for neck relaxation, which also targets the release of tension from the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Why is this muscle crucial, and what benefits come from knowing how to relax it? The sternocleidomastoid is… Read more