Inner Peace Toolkit by Nishan

Try these short and powerful methods for releasing anxiety, anger, and sadness and experiencing inner happiness. Based on years of study of ancient Buddhist principles and modern somatic trauma release.
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This course will ensure you gain access to:

– a series of easy-to-do practices that can effectively shift your nervous system to a state of safety and relaxation;
– guided movement practices that are highly effective in helping you feel more relaxed throughout your day;
– guided physical practices that aid in grounding yourself and enhancing awareness of your body’s blocks, deepening your confidence;
– a powerful and practical method for releasing painful emotions such as anxiety, anger, and sadness, allowing you to open your heart to love.

Discover a path to a more peaceful and joyful life by practicing short and powerful techniques that can help you release anxiety, experience inner happiness, and make you feel grounded in your body, creating a sense of safety and security.

These practical meditations, which are based on ancient Buddhist principles, provide an easy way to release anxiety and stress, while also cultivating feelings of love and compassion towards oneself. With simple and easily digestible explanations, you can gain an understanding of how stress, sadness, and anger can accumulate in the body and the actions that can be taken to release them in your busy life.

Guided by a highly experienced meditation teacher with over 20 years of practice, this concise and powerful combination of practices has been developed through exploration and experimentation on how to release painful emotions and cultivate profound happiness.

This course includes:

Audience: anyone who wants to release anxiety, painful emotions and stress; open their heart to love, aliveness and happiness; feel safe, more grounded and confident in their body.


“Nishan completely changed my life. When I’m in his presence, I feel amplified vibrations of love, compassion, support, gratitude for the present, and non-judgment. He grounds me. Through Nishan’s metta (love) practice, my anxiety has massively reduced, and I have experienced the most sensational feelings of joy!” (Jasmine)

“The course with Nishan was incredible. I felt the greatest sense of peace, freedom, and purity in my life. It helped me open my heart and maintain inner peace, making everything I want possible.” (Anghels)

“Nishan embodies the concept of psychological safety. His genuinely friendly eyes led me to a place where my mind could rest and where I could rely on Nishan’s calmness and presence.” (Philip)

“Nishan creates a space where it’s possible to be vulnerable and go through any emotions that might come up. He will make you feel safe and surrounded by warm, caring energy.” (Celine)

About the instructor

With over 20 years of meditation and Buddhist studies experience, Nishan has cultivated deep awareness of his own feelings and that of others, thus enabling him to guide people into their feelings and experience deep release and insight. In the last decades he has practiced all the main forms of Theravada Buddhist meditations, focusing deeply on unconditional love, and a Vipassana meditation on awareness of feelings.

Course Plan

1. Feeling Safe: First Steps

This toolkit includes a brief introduction on how to use it effectively, followed by a series of easy-to-do practices that can help shift your nervous system to a state of safety and relaxation. These practices are highly effective and require very little physical ability, involving movements of the neck, tongue, and vocals.

2. Feeling Safe: Going Further

This toolkit provides a concise explanation of how your nervous system can cause stress and anxiety even in response to small daily events. It is followed by guided movement practices that can help you feel more relaxed throughout your day. These practices include eye movements, awareness practices, and accessing key acupressure points.

3. Grounded in My Body

This toolkit includes an explanation of the meaning and benefits of being grounded and stable in your body. It is followed by a guided physical practice to help you become more grounded. You can do this practice at your own level of physical capacity, and as long as you lean in to your edge, you will be able to feel your blocks and deepen your confident awareness of your body.

4. Release Painful Emotions and Awaken Love: First Steps

In this video, you will learn a powerful and practical method for releasing painful emotions and opening your heart to love. Through kind awareness, you can genuinely release your anxiety, anger, and sadness.

5. Release Painful Emotions and Awaken Love: Going Further

This toolkit guides you through a powerful method for releasing anxiety, anger, and sadness. Based on years of study on ancient Buddhist principles and modern somatic trauma release, this practical method is highly effective. By returning to your body and continuously growing, you can embark on a deeper journey toward profound happiness.

Going Deeper

This toolkit marks the start of a profound journey you can embark on, returning to your body and continually progressing towards deeper happiness. We invite you to join our community and receive support and inspiration as we grow together. The next step is to enroll in a three-week online community course.

Price: 9.90
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