Face Yoga for a Profound Tension Release by Nadiia

This is the most profound face yoga course you'll ever come across. It offers a deeply transforming approach to make your face relaxed, glowing, and naturally beautiful.
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Revitalize your appearance and enhance your well-being with our transformative course! Our modern lifestyles, filled with endless screen time and long commutes, often leave us with poor posture and a multitude of discomforts. These can range from neck and shoulder tension to jaw tightness, muscle soreness, wrinkles, and even eye strain, leading to headaches, reduced focus, and emotional instability.

Our course offers a unique, dynamic and effective blend of techniques, including:

– Face Yoga
– De-armouring
– Myofunctional Therapy
– Neurovascular Release
– Dien Chan Facial Techniques

Explore the secrets behind each of these techniques in our blog post.

These carefully curated methods are designed to ease tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders, sparking a journey towards improved health, boundless inspiration, and unleashed creativity.

Jump into a journey of self-care with exercises that not only alleviate physical discomfort but also enhance your confidence by reducing signs of aging, refining your skin, posture, and jawline, increasing flexibility, and nurturing authentic smiles.

This course is your key to unlocking a life filled with joy, ease, and fulfillment. Developed through extensive private practice and enriched by valuable client feedback, it’s tailored to bring lasting transformation. Join us and unlock the secrets to a healthier, happier you!

This course includes:

Certificate of completion (example): After completing the course, you will receive an automatically generated certificate signed by the instructor, indicating a total duration of 5 hours.

Audience: anyone who wants to look and feel great and is seeking relief from stress, stiffness, and pain in the neck, jaw, and shoulder area, as well as a positive change in daily life, balanced emotions, and a return to a harmonious state of mind.


“Amazing workshop, full of exercises! Amazing Nadiia with very good knowledge in the structure of our face and how to work on muscles and more to fight against gravity.” (Clothilde)

“Nadiia is super helpful and knowledgeable about all areas to do with massage and face rejuvenation. She developed a personalized program to help me with several issues and I already am feeling its benefits! I would highly recommend Nadiia. I wish I had found her sooner!” (Tom)

“Nadiia worked intuitively to correct my tight muscles, fascia, and tensions from head to toe. I look and feel like new. Highly recommended!” (Macky)

“This is a super interesting technique. I love the way the session was guided, and the exercises are easy to learn and practice. It seems to work on many levels, both physical and emotional. I highly recommend trying it.” (Patricia)

More reviews and testimonials on Nadiia’s appoach you’ll find on her Facebook page.

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About the instructor

Nadiia Kovchuzhna, a holistic therapist from Ukraine, has studied with prominent masters in Asia and acquired expertise as a clinical massage practitioner, face yoga instructor, provider of biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, emotional healing counselor, and de-armouring techniques counselor. Her signature course, “Deep Tension Release in Your Face and Neck Area,” has helped many people feel revitalized, balanced, energized, improve their sleep, increase their concentration, and achieve a natural face lift as a surprising side effect.

Nadiia’s personal transformation:

Lecture Plan


Instructor Nadia shares her life’s journey, from being depressed, anxious, and miserable, to regaining control of her thoughts and emotions, and eventually arriving at a place of peace and a desire to share all the knowledge and experience she had gathered over the course of ten years.

Module I: Preparing Your Nervous System for a Positive Charge

Techniques to activate the vagus nerve and exit stress mode, promoting “rest and digest” for fresh energy, productivity, creativity and natural health.


Module II: Effective Exercises for the Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Powerful exercises to increase blood circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage in the head, neck, and shoulder area, benefiting the whole body’s recalibration.

Module III: Jaw Release

Focus on the jaw and “masseter” muscle for a lifted, toned, relaxed face.

Module IV. Exercises for TMJ Tension Relief

Focus on the TMJ joint connecting the lower jaw and skull. Ease jaw and surrounding muscle pain, address grinding/clenching teeth, headaches, and jaw locking for a relaxed facial expression.

Module V. Summary of the Whole Practice

A consolidated overview of all the exercises from the previous modules. This summary will make it convenient for you to follow your daily practice and get the most out of it, ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience.

5-minute Routine for Your Daily Practice

This 5-minute practice combines effective exercises for quick relief from discomfort, neck and shoulder pain, and morning tension. Get back to relaxation, increased productivity, and focus.

Meditation for Your Daily Practice

Meditation is an integral component of this course and is designed to enhance your overall experience. It helps to facilitate a smooth integration process, allowing your body time to transform negative energy released from tense areas into positive energy that promotes inspiration, balance, and satisfaction.

Price: 19.90
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