Rebirthing Breathwork by Edward Matthews

Press the “Play” button and experience the full potential of a transformative conscious energy breathing technique guided by a highly experienced facilitator.
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Course description

During this comprehensive and guided session, the experienced breathwork facilitator Edward will introduce you to the full potential of a transformative conscious energy breathing technique. You may find that this is one of the most effective methods for breaking free from past traumas, conditioning, and negative patterns.

This technique has the ability to heal not only the mind but also the physical body as the two are closely interconnected. Participants may have powerful revelations that bring about significant change in their lives.

The benefits of this technique include:

– Letting go of negative behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs
– Healing past emotional wounds and traumas
– Connecting with your inner truth and divine nature
– Improving self-confidence, awareness, and self-trust
– Achieving a deep inner peace
– Cleansing and energizing the chakras and energy system

This course is a great place to start if you want to explore the power of your breath and tap into the depths of your unconscious mind. To help you understand and feel the advantages of rebirthing breathwork, Edward will lead you through a series of well-thought-out videos and will offer full and guided breathwork sessions.

So, sign-up, breathe, and heal!

This course includes:

Audience: everyone looking for a positive change in their mental, emotional, and physical states.


“It is no exaggeration to say that there were moments of guttural weeping, moments of ecstasy, and moments in which the forces of dark and light flooded my soul. And somehow, through all of that, my heart started to awaken. I started to mend. I leave the retreat with a profound gratitude for the experience I have had and for the journey I have been on. I flew half way around the world to work with Prema and Edward, and I would do it again in a single beat of my now opened heart.” Tertius, UK

“My experience in the rebirthing session with Edward goes beyond words. In fact, it’s beyond the logical thinking of the mind, diving into the depths of the soul, uncovering the truth of what this journey is all about. It was my first time doing rebirthing and had no idea how intense it would be. During my session, deep emotions were released from both present and past lives. Insight was gained on what the purpose of this life was and even had visions of past deaths and the day I was born in this life.” Alessandro, US

About the instructor

Edward has been on a spiritual journey for over 30 years, delving into various practices such as Meditation, Non-Duality, Tantra, Past Life Regression, and others. He was blessed to have the opportunity to study with a teacher in India, and later moved to Thailand in 2005.

Edward received training in Rebirthing Breathwork from Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing, in 2013. He also has been trained in Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Tantra, Past Life Regression, Massage, Vortex Healing, Reiki, and other related practices.

With 9.5 years of experience in Breathwork, Edward started his own Rebirthing Breathwork drop-in group in Koh Phangan 8 years ago. For the past 6 years, he has humbly co-facilitated 6-day Breathwork retreats and 3-day Tantric Breathwork workshops in both Europe and Thailand.

Course Plan

Introduction (2:30)

A very brief explanation of how the breathwork works.

What you should know before you start a Breathwork session (7:22)

What to bear in mind before you start? What practical tools do you need? What’s the best way to get ready?

Practical preparation for a Rebirthing Breathwork session (8:17)

How to breathe and what to expect during the breathwork session?

Full and guided Rebirthing Breathwork session (1:28:21)

Please find a comfortable position as instructed in the introductory videos. Once you are ready, press “play” and enjoy your breathwork session. This particular session provides plenty of guidance and is intended primarily for beginners on their breathwork journey.

Full and guided Rebirthing Breathwork session with less guidance for advanced practitioners (1:28:22)

This session is designed for more experienced breathwork practitioners who require fewer reminders, therefore, there will be less guidance provided.

Full and guided Rebirthing Breathwork session for those who tend to fall asleep (1:29:04)

To help you stay alert and engaged, this session features dynamic music and additional guidance. This will help you avoid falling asleep during your breathwork practice.

Price: $39.90