Understanding Thailand with Padma: An Intimate Look into Thai Culture

Well-researched through interviews with dozens of Thai people and 20 years of experience living and working in Thailand, this course offers Thai wisdom spoken from a sensitive outsider’s perspective.
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This heartfelt course ensures you gain:

– profound insights into Thai everyday culture, making your time in Thailand more enriching;
– awareness of the amusing contradictions within Thai culture, helping you be more open-minded and accepting;
manners that are well-received by Thai people, leading to more pleasant interactions;
– a well-defined roadmap of Do’s and Don’ts in daily situations;
– a valuable set of phrases to communicate seamlessly with Thai people.

This course pulls back the curtain on the enigmatic people of Thailand, their culture, and their language. Visitors to “The Land of Smiles” usually enjoy the friendly people and their laid-back attitude, but so many visitors miss out on gaining a deeper understanding of what’s important to Thai people, their values, and their wisdom.

Both short-term visitors and expats who have lived here for decades will find potent gems that explain their experience and help their understanding of being a foreigner in Thailand. Most foreigners have had experiences that left them scratching their heads or wondering what was lost in translation, and the insights offered in this course will help make sense of so many of those confusing moments.

Before and after the course:

Excerpt from the course

A compelling story that showcases a vital component of Thai cultural values.

This course includes:

Audience: those who have either been to Thailand or are planning to visit, or make it their home; everyone who is curious to gain a deeper understanding of “the Land of Smiles”.

About the instructor

Padma has been in love with Thailand since her first family visit in 1981 when she was just 7 years old. Regular annual holidays evolved into a summer volunteering at a refugee camp in Phanat Nikhom in 1988, where her mother was employed. Charmed by the people, culture, and lifestyle, the teenager vowed to make Thailand her adult home. She worked as the only employee at a Thai family-owned and operated Thai restaurant in Colorado, where she received some early lessons in Thai culture and language. She moved her family to Thailand in 2002. Padma learned to speak Thai from her students at the University, High School, and Kindergarten where she taught English, and also from pedicurists, motorcycle taxi drivers, and housekeepers with whom she was trying to converse. She opened a school for her son in 2006, and made all the mistakes of competing with the wrong people, “breaking the face” of her employees and blundering through cultural incompetence to learn how to navigate her way successfully through the mysteries of Thai culture.

Course plan

Padma’s story. How and why Thailand?

Values, rules, and manners

– Thai values: Even when you might not expect them!
– How to “wai” according to situation
– “A heart concerned for the welfare of others”
– Delicate manners in the “Land of Smiles”
– Delicacy and sensitivity towards others
– Refined table manners
– Tipping
– “The right” relationship with hierarchy, officials, and institutions
– Traffic rules, or should I say – traffic tolerance?

People and community

– Monarchy and respect for the king
– Ghosts and “bribing” the spirits
– LGBTQ community
– Sex industry. “A ticket” out of poverty

Do’s and don’ts

– Hinting, not confronting
– Shoes
– Feet
– Clothing
– Sacred things
– Getting too personal in public
– Arguing
– Driving
– Complaining


Get encouraged to learn Thai

– Learning Thai – it’s easier than you think!
– The complexity of English and simplicity of the Thai language
– Using tones in English vs. using tones in Thai
– “Are you thinking too much?”

Learning the basics

– Let’s learn the tones
– Let’s practice the tones. Intro
– Let’s practice the tones. You’ve got this
– How to apologize and take responsibility
– Three words that make a difference

Learning fun and tricky things

– Fun words with “heart”
– Fun words with “water”
– Fun homonyms
– “No worries”
– Names and nicknames
– Tricky thing about vowels
– Tricky consonants in Thai

12 words for 60 sentences

– Part I: Question word, “no / not”, “to be able”, “to want”, “to go”, “to eat”
– Part II: “To have”, “to like”, “to hear”, “to understand”, “to be present”, “to speak”
– Part III: “To want to”

Price: Original price was: €59.90.Current price is: €9.90.